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Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC

ክቡር ጋሻ ቱሪዝምና ሆስፒታሊቲ አገልግሎት ኃ/የተ/የግ/ማ

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


(+251) 92-430-4010
(+251) 91-448-5749
(+251) 11-667-2244
(+251) 96-692-6092

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About Kibur Gasha Tourism &...

This is Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC from Addis Ababa, "KIBUR GASHA" (Written as ክቡር ጋሻ in Ethiopia´s GE´EZ language) is a local phrase meaning "Respected Guest" in Tigrigna. Our guests are our respected ones and they deserve it and all our services. Our main objective is to make their stay in and travel across Ethiopia easy and memorable. We take their worries of where to travel, how to travel and where to stay and we deal with it all for a very fair 

Our main services are

(1)    Tourism Promotion,

(2)    Booking & Hotel Reservation,

(3)    Tour Operation,

(4)    Car Rental,

(5)    Event Organization and

(6) Tourism & Hospitality business

Our main business principle is based on competitive cooperative strategy. To promoted the country and attract more tourists, we welcome partners interested in working with 

As part of our efforts to simplify tourists stay in and travel across Ethiopia, we are promoting the country’s priceless treasures to nationals & foreign tourists just 24 hours a day and seven days a week through different media:

  • dynamic and rich website, updated every-time
  • Printed media such as tour guide books, tourist maps, booklets, tourism magazines, newspapers, newsletters, flyers 
  • Organizing events (Bazaars, exhibitions, shows, etc)
  • and all other feasible ways

Through these and other feasible media we provide:

  • Free information on all tourist attractions, destinations, museums, libraries, archaeological sites, lifestyles, cultural values, etc. of Ethiopia 
  • Free information on hotels, resorts, lodges, safaris, recreational sites, restaurants, camping’s,
  • Free reservation & connection to hotels, guest houses, pensions, etc across all Ethiopian major cities & 
  • Free travel information & advisory to any corner of the country by airplane, by car, etc and tour package



Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC Picture Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC Picture


Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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