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Degodi Lark Reserve 

Degodi Lark Reserve is named after the region where this endemic lark was discovered by Erard in 1971. The site is located in El Kere Zone of the Somali Regional State within the vicinity of Bogol Manyo village. The site is relatively large and open area which has not been delimited to date. The lark however has been seen several times after its first discovery. It is usually found within 10-20 km east of Bogol Manyo village. The general altitude of the area ranges from 350-400 masl and is covered by short Commiphora spp and Acacia thorn bush.

Unique features -  The site is home to the globally threatened and restricted-range Degodi Lark. It also harbours the White-winged Dove, Somali Short-billed Crombec and Jubaland Weaver. Other Somali-Masai restricted-range species include Somali Bee-eater, Scaly Chatterer, Golden Pipit, Whiteheaded Mousebird, Blue-naped Cordon-bleu and Fischer‟s Starling. Though pastoralism is the main livelihood of the Somali people, the presence of Commiphora spp and Boswelia spp prompts people to collect gums and resins for commercial purposes.

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